Hristo Hristov from club Real Pain and president of Bulgarian BJJ Federation won gold medal in the biggest BJJ event in the world - WPJJC 2013 which was held in Abu Dhabi.

Yesterday Hristov competed in purple belts (masters). He won first place in his division under 94 kg.

In the same day Lubomir Guedjev, another emblematic person for BJJ development in Bulgaria, won bronze medal in black belts (masters) in his division under 88 kg.

Rodolfo Vieira and Marcus Buchecha Almeida met again after the epic battle at the 2012 IBJJF Worlds. With only six minutes on the clock, both fighters knew that details were the key to the gold medal. Rodolfo started in full speed and after Buchecha pulled guard he almost mounted and took the back. Almeida held the pressure and swept with a bridge when his opponent was about to mount. Losing by two, Rodolfo bravely fought back and swept back, tying the match 2-2 but ended in Buchecha’s 50/50. With less than two minutes on the clock, Buchecha went for it and scored two more points with another sweep. Rodolfo tried to come back, but Buchecha’s balance prevailed and the current World Champion almost got a guard pass when the clock signaled the end and the scoreboard granted Marcus Almeida his first WPJJC absolute title.

13 April, 2013