All registered athletes for the competition in Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu and graplilng are entitled to participate in the tournament on October 19th !

All competitors must be in the small hall of the "Arena Armeec" at 8:30 in the morning to finish their registering for the tournament. The competitors enter for free with one coach.

The organizers will monitor meetings from near and most attractive finalists have the opportunity to play the final in front of the audience in the Great Hall of the "Arena Armeec" before the MMA fight night.

Divisions are as follows:
- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (white belt ) - under 82 and over 82 kg
- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( blue and purple belts ) - under 82 and over 82 kg

- Grappling (ADCC) - only advanced - under 82 and over 82 kg

All wishing to participate must have at 8:30 in the small hall of the "Arena Armeec ."

The first race will be in Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu and will start around 9:30 . After completion of the race will begin grappling under the rules of ADCC. Orientation as the start time will be around 12:00 .

Participants in both competitions will receive free entrance to bouts RPC: Be Strong, which will be held later in the evening .

For more information and inquiries - 0899 305 700 .

17 October, 2013