• 16-th February
    Amateurs MMA Competition
  • 2-3 March
    Seminar with Leo Vieira
  • 23-th March

Rules of "Real Pain Challenge" was prepared in a manner which allows fighters from different fighting styles to apply the techniques and skills, whilebans are saved from other fighting styles in a way that gives no More advantages of one of them. Thus, each participant is entitled to use any punches and kicks, throws, locks the joints and suffocate any combination to win the match.

In addition to fair play and someone has banned techniques to preserve the health of athletes. These include stirring in the eyes, throat and groin. Besides them, however there are some basic guidelines that must be respected. The main purpose of these competitions is to win fighters dominated the ring,sporting form, skill and strategy to win over
The rules of the competition are as follows:

PART 1 - categories
PART 2 - duration of the match
PART 3 - way to victory
PART 4 - banned techniques
PART 5 - Intervention of the Judge
PART 6 - equipment and facilities of the fighter
PART 7 - corner of the fighter
PART 8 - prohibited substances

PART 1 - categories

The categories are: under 60 kg, below 66 kg than 71 kg of 77 kg under 84 kg, under 90 kg under 96 kg and severe.

The formal withdrawal of combatants must be made 24 hours before the racein a time and place designated by the Organizing Committee of "Real Pain Challenge". Pull the competitors must be conducted under the supervision ofthe chief judge of the "Real Pain Challenge". If a player does not appear onthe scales it should be disqualified from the race and if the title, it will be withdrawn. If a player fails to enter into that category, it will be weighed againin the next 4 hours.

Last chance for withdrawal is 10 o'clock on the day of the event. If the competitor fails to draw in this time and that is his category, he will be disqualified if the champion title will be revoked. If a player is disqualified for failure to weigh it in its place will be placed on reserve fighter.

PART 2 – Duration of Match

All warm-up meetings will consist of two (2) rounds
Each of the rounds is 5 minutes
Rest between rounds was 1 min
All major meetings and championship matches will be three (3) rounds.
Each of the rounds is 5 minutes
Rest between rounds is 1 minute

PART 3 – way to victory

The winner of each match will be broadcast through one of these methods:
1. KO (knockout)
When one fighter is knocked out
2. Organization short (technical knockout)
When one has achieved great priority, more advantages over his opponent and the judge finds that there is a danger to the fighter at a disadvantage if the match continued.
3. Submission
When one of the competitors placed in the position in which he know that he could not continue and is transmitted by tapping the mat or the opponent's body at least three consecutive times with arm or leg, or verbally expressing it is transmitting.
4. Suspension of doctors
When a fighter is hurt by the authorized action of its opponent, and the doctor finds that he is unable to continue in this case. The injured  player loses the match.
5. Intervention of the coach
When the angle of one fighter, his coach or assistant determines that the match should be abandoned and tossed a towel in the ring. If the referee fails to see that the towel is thrown, the game can be stopped by the Organizing Committee of "Real Pain Challenge".
6. Disqualification
When a fighter is disqualified because of forbidden action.
In this case the opponent disqualified fighter will be proclaimed winner.

No contest
The match will be proclaimed Unidentified if:
1. Tort action is cause for disqualification of both players
2. Judges, doctors or the Organizing Committee of "Real Pain Challenge" end game because of an accident in the first round of meetings glow, or the first or second round of the main meetings.
3. Accident was the cause of one or both players are unable to continue the match.

PART 4 - banned techniques

The following techniques and activities are strictly forbidden:

Attacks of any kind to the eyes.
Pulling your hair.
Mix in the mouth.
Hit in the groin.
Barkae finger into any orifice or piazza to the opponent.
Attacks the throat and trachea, and grabbing the air with your fingers.
Pinching, scratching or twisting the flesh of the enemy.
Smash the enemy of the head or neck.
Attacks on the neck or spine of the enemy.
Catching or twisting of the fingers and toes of the enemy.
Capturing shorts, gloves and other pieces of equipment of the enemy.
Intentionally spitting tire, running on contact, leaving the ring or simulation of an injury.
Capturing the ring ropes or suspension of the limbs off the ropes.
Capturing and holding the opponent to the judge to restart the match.
Disposing of an opponent outside the ring.
Spitting at an opponent or referee.
Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Use of abusive language and obscene language in the ring.
Attacking an opponent during breaks.
Attacking the opponent while under doctoral supervision.
Attacking the opponent after the signal to end the match or round.

Disobey the commands of the judge.
Inappropriate interference from the corner of the competitor.

PART 5 - Intervention of the Judge

Warnings and Penalties

    The judge will warn the player when not obey his commands or where the athlete using banned techniques. When the judge issued a warning will not stop the meeting and there will be no penalty against the competitor. The judge, however, will ensure that the athlete has learned that he had been warned about his actions. If the same player continued with the prohibited acts or to disobey the commands of the judges, the referee will stop the match and give the player a yellow card and thus all will be clear that he was punished. Yellow card is also a sign that the player received it loses 10% of his prize money. If the judge has reason to repeat the sentence, then the player violated the rules will be shown a red card, which signal a disqualification of the offending rules sastezatel.His opponent automatically becomes the winner.

     If a fighter is injured as a result of a prohibited action by the opponent, the referee and the doctor will assess whether the injured athlete may continue after it has recovered. If the injured player is unable to continue his opponent will be disqualified as mentioned in section 3.6

     The judge has every right to decide when to carry a warning card to give or to terminate the meeting depending on the size of the banned technique used by the competitor. The Judge exercise direct authority and control of the match which was appointed to the judging. His responsibilities is to apply the rules of the "Real Pain Challenge" approved by the judge commission. The judge is the only one who decide whether there are injuries and injuries caused during the game are a result of prohibited or permitted action, intentionally and unintentionally so. The judge has the right to suspend the match and give a decision if it finds that one of the combatants is totally superior and if there is a danger to one of the fighters, provided that the match continue. In the event that a participant in a race arcade or open wound, the referee is the only figure who has the right to decide whether to continue the match or not. He is obliged to consult the physician of the race on the severity of the wound, but ultimately the judge is the person who has the final word on the continuation or suspension of the match.

The judge has the right to stop the match when:
1.Where forbidden act is committed.
2.When the both fighters are in stand and clinch, and no development, no effective action.
3.Where both fighters are heading to the land in which no action and try not to work, or escape to finish his opponent judge has every right, after being warned to stop them and return them to stand.
4.If the player is placed on the back or point guard, and his opponent does not come into contact with it, the player on his back will be facing. If you athlete wants to continue to stand, he should withdraw back, allowing the judge to face his opponent.
5.If the fighters were tangled in ropes or the ring of the border, threatening to leave his competitive area, the referee will submit the command "STOP" and redirect them to the middle of the ring where he will continue meeting in the position specified by the judge.

Once a signal "Fight" at the beginning of the match and the start of rounds, the game is considered started. Competitors have the choice to greet after the beep or not to do so.

The judge will use the following commands to the players:

1.STOP - Freeze - when the referee asks the players to stop any action.
2. Brake - the judge wants to divide the contestants.
3. Happen - the judge wants to bring one or two competitors.
4. Fight - the judge wants to encourage combatants to work.

PART 6 - equipment and facilities of the fighter

     Fighters are required to wear gloves with open fingers and secured approvedby the commission of "Real Pain Challenge". Wrists and fingers can bepodlepyani with plaster and obintovani. However,
players are required toundergo inspection by an official representative of the committee of "Real Pain Challenge". The athlete has the right to wear knee pads, andnalakatnitsi glezenki only neoprene without metal parts, they also must beinspected by the principal. Gloves, groin protectors and rubber teeth is essential. Not allowed to use shoes or bortsovki.
Nails should be cut. Prohibited the use of oils, oil, sprays, creams, massage creams, hair or any other substances in the body of the fighter. If such substances are found, the competitor will be disqualified. Permitted use vaseline around the eyes and nose of the competitors, which will be checked by the referee before each round. Application of vaseline to the other body parts is strictly prohibited.

PART 7 - corner of the fighter

      The fighter is allowed to have three (3) people in his corner. They are not allowed to leave his corner, or in any way and therefore being in contact with the player during the match. If any of them violate this rule, the fighter will be punished to PART 4. People in the corner are obliged to obey the commands of the judge and the rules of the "Real Pain Challenge". If any of them, including himself athlete are not happy with the judge's decision, they must submit a written explanation of their disagreement.

     People in the corner are the same rules as a competitor and not sported behavior may lead to disqualification of the competitor.

PART 8 - prohibited substances

         Any substance, stimulants and substances intended to artificially increase the production of fraudulent fighter before or during games is strictly prohibited. Giving any liquids other than water is prohibited.