• 16-th February
    Amateurs MMA Competition
  • 2-3 March
    Seminar with Leo Vieira
  • 23-th March

     Mixed martial arts or called. MMA (from English mixed martial) are kind of combat sport in which two competitors attempt to achieve dominance over one another, using a wide variety of permitted techniques from different martial arts. The term ("mixed martial arts") was introduced by Rick Bloom in 1995. The dispute involves the application of techniques from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, grappling, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Greco-roman style, sambo, judo and more  martial disciplines.

     The roots of modern MMA can be found in the early 1900's in many styles mixed races held in Japan, Brazil and Europe.

     Early example is the so-called "Bartittsu" (Bartitsu), martial art, combining Asian and European fighting styles and practiced in London since 1899.Another example is the battle "Vale Tudo" (Vale Tudo), held in Brazil from 1920 between the school of family Gracie, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu created and schools belonging to other systems for combat and martial arts.
The first professional MMA events held in 1989. in Japan by the organization Shooto. Unlike all performed so far, organizers here adopt and impose many additional rules aimed at improving the safety of fighters. No trace of the initial promotion of competitors against each other in combat rules. Including  minimum weight categories equal to the competitors .And impose restrictions on the conduct of meetings (the rounds are over a certain period, namely three rounds of 5 minutes), and basic requirements for the venue. Hand protection is now mandatory use of gloves. With these rules and victory is strictly regulated: by unanimous decision, surrender or knockout. The game can be stopped and medical decision if one of the players is very bad injured or is unable to adequately protect and continue the fight.

     All these changes help make the MMA in an official sport discipline and in November 1993. in the United States racing in mixed martial arts (MMA) has been officially introduced by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

     In 21 century, MMA is one of the most popular sports and taught with the fastest rates in a growing worldwide.