• 16-th February
    Amateurs MMA Competition
  • 2-3 March
    Seminar with Leo Vieira
  • 23-th March

Grappling stems from Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). There in 1998.His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahayan made the first race of inviting athletes from various disciplines including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling (free and classical) and similar to those disciplines. The rules of this competition was coordinated so as to be as fair to all, given the differences in styles and rules of the sports listed. The aim was to show which of these sports is the most efficient and effective in a situation close to reality. Almost all fights, clamps, strangling and keys were allowed, and no minimum restrictions. Only strokes were totally banned. The totality of the application of different styles, given the beginning of a new discipline, known today as Grappling. Because of the large financial rewards that Sheik grant, grappling rapidly gaining moment  and today is popular in almost every room in the martial arts world.

     The club "Abu Dhabi Combat Club" in Abu Dhabi is directly linked to the most prestigious and best-paid competition Grappling or also called "Submission restling" in English "Submission Wrestling" (complete fight). Information can be found in these two sites.: www.adcombat.com and www.adhfsc.com
To start training in grappling need not physically prepared before hand in a special way because there is no aggression and rapid movements, as inwrestling, Judo and Sambo. This makes it really suitable sport for people of all ages, regardless of their physical condition or status.

      A follower of the sport that can count up to several months to gain self-confidence and self-confidence, regardless of height, weight and strength. It develops skills for the coordination of body, balance, sense of movement to the opponent's body, confidence from close distance and clinch, and greater confidence in the ground.